Ten Songs You Do Not Want To Hear On the Day Of Your Wedding

I was on my way to the wedding, not mine, thank goodness. Nevertheless, the person was very special to me, someone I have known for his entire life.

In spite of all the statistics that half of all marriages end in divorce, I believe this one can beat the odds. Both are college graduates, and both have careers with salaries and benefits.

Nevertheless, I was a little worried by a song I heard on the oldies station during the drive to the wedding venue. I tired not to see it as an omen when Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust” began playing with John Deacon’s discomforting bass intro.

For the rest of the trip I kept listening for more ominous songs, even though I would be powerless to stop the proceeding regardless. Fortunately, none of the other tunes seemed to portend a bad ending for this upcoming union.

Here are ten songs that a couple would not want to hear on the day of their wedding.

Let’s Call It Off by Peter, Bjorn, and John

This tune from the Swedish power pop trio is just one of the gems from Writer’s Block, along with singles such as “Young Folks” and “Amsterdam.”

Every Day I Love You Less and Less by the Kaiser Chiefs

“You are turning into something I detest” is just one of the many disparaging remarks singer Ricky Wilson snarls on this opening track from their debut album Employment.

I’m Not In Love by 10cc

The pop group hit the Top Ten with this tune from The Original Soundtrack, and soon after they struck gold again with “The Things We Do For Love” and “Dreadlock Holiday.”

Change of Heart by Bread

The affianced in this ballad falls for her betrothed’s best friend, but we never find out how the jilted man reacted upon the news.

The Breakup Song by the Greg Kihn Band

More commonly known by the subtitle “Oh Oh Oh Oh”, the 1981 release became the biggest hit for the group made famous by Weird Al’s parody of their “Jeopardy.”

It Is Not Meant To Be by Tame Impala

The Australian indie rocker started off the album Inner Speaker with this tune about doomed love.

D-I-V-O-R-C-E by Tammy Wynette

Shortly after encouraging women to “Stand By Your Man” the wife of George Jones must have changed her mind and spelled it out clearly.

You Go Your Way, I’ll Go Mine by Bob Dylan

The greatest American songwriter has plenty of songs about the end of relationships, but this one from Blond on Blond is probably the least desirable to hear on the day of your wedding.

I Started Something I Couldn’t Finish by the Smiths

This line from Morrissey came on their last album Strange Ways Here We Come just weeks before he split from Johnny Marr, so it has proven to portend the end of a close relationship.